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The Story Of My Life - The Signature Series - Marty Robbins. 2 x CD + DVD

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Marty Robbins was surely country music’s most versatile artist. He enjoyed acclaim and many hits while singing honky-tonk, rockabilly, gospel, teen pop, and most of all, the country and western songs he wrote and performed such as El Paso, Devil Woman, Big Iron and Ruby Ann, all included here.
Disc 1 includes his 25  hits, Disc 2 both his Gunfighter Ballads albums in their  entirety and Disc 3 a DVD featuring 24 of Marty’s best performances on film.
 Disc 1: The Versatile Marty Robbins,The Hits & More
1.I'll Go On Alone          
2.You're Breaking My Heart   
3.I Couldn't Keep From Crying         
4.Sing Me Something Sentimental 
5.At The End Of A Long Lonely Day                   
6.Pretty Words
7.My Isle Of Lonely Dreams
8.Call Me Up (And I'll Come Calling On You)
9.Time Goes By
10.God Understands
11. That's All Right
12. Maybelline
13. Singing The Blues
15. Knee Deep In The Blues
16. A White Sport Coat (And A Pink Carnation)
17.Please Don't Blame Me
18. The Story Of My Life
19. Just Married
20. She Was Only Seventeen (He Was One Year More)
21. Ain't I The Lucky One
22. The Hanging Tree
23. Cap And Gown
24. Is There Any Chance       
25 Don't Worry
Disc  2 Gunfighter Ballads & Trail Songs  
1.Big Iron
2.Cool Water
3.Billy The Kid
4.A Hundred And Sixty Acres 
5.They're Hanging Me Tonight 
6.The Strawberry Roan 
7. El Paso  
8.In The Valley    
9. The Master's Call     
10. Running Gun  
11.The Little Green Valley 
12.Utah Carol 
13. San Angelo    
14. Prairie Fire 
15. Streets Of Laredo 
16.Song Of The Bandit  
17. I've Got No Use For The Women 
18. Five Brothers
19.Little Joe The Wrangler 
20. Ride Cowboy Ride
21.This Peaceful Sod   
22.She Was Young And She Was Pretty   
23.My Love
24.Saddle Tramp
25.Battle Of The Alamo
 Disc 3 DVD, The Best Of Marty Robbins on film                  
1.Singing The Blues
2.A White Sports Coat (& A Pink Carnation)     
4.Don't Worry     
5.Begging To You
6.Tonight Carmen
7.I Walk Alone 
8.El Paso
10.Devil Woman
11.Ruby Ann       
12.The Story Of My Life 
13.Ribbon Of Darkness 
14.That's Alright Mama 
15.You'll Never Walk Alone     
16.Amony My Souvenirs 
17.You Gave Me A Mountain
18.My Woman, My Woman My Wife
19.Some Memories Just Won't Die 
20.Long Long Ago 
21.Whoopee To Yi Yo 
24.Big Iron
The Story Of My Life - The Signature Series - Marty Robbins. 2 x CD + DVD