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Susan McCann never expected her gift for singing would lead to her performing for world statesmen and touring South Africa, Russia, Switzerland, the United States, England and her beloved Emerald Isle of Ireland.

But that is precisely what has happened and Susan’s thoroughly deserved success has meant she has spent over a quarter of a century as Ireland's ‘First Lady Of Country Music.’

Born into a poor but happy rural community on the border of Northern Ireland and the Republic, she initially found fame in 1976 when her first single ‘Santa AndThe Kids’ was a big success.

But it was her second release ‘Big Tom Is Still The King’ that took her to No. 1 in the Irish Pop Charts in May 1977 and remained in the Top 20 for 11 weeks. With two small children at home. Susan had been apprehensive about travelling more than a few miles from her County Down home in Northern Ireland, but the success of that No.1 song changed all that forever!

‘Big Tom Is Still The King,’ a tribute to Tom McBride, one of Ireland's most successful country music performers, won her a place in the heart of fans of Irish country music all over the world and she has remained firmly in their hearts ever since.

By the end of the 1970’s, Susan was an artist with international appeal making the first of many appearances at Nashville's Grand Ole Opry and New York's Carnegie Hall and she even performed dates in South Africa, Namibia and St. Petersburg in Russia.

Susan then spent years building a loyal fan base and in 1995 she teamed up with popular Irish singer Sean Wilson for highly successful UK tours and albums. ‘String of Diamonds’ also proved to be a huge success for Susan. With the help of veteran producer Liam Hurley the album succeeded in coupling together some of the all time great songs into a new and exciting medley package.   Now in her 30th year as a professional entertainer, ‘Susan McCann - Ireland's First Lady’ is still a highly respected personality with both the public and media in her homeland and overseas.

For many years Susan's recordings had been available on different record labels and were sometimes released in a haphazard way without consultation, by companies Susan did not even know.

But in 2006 Susan was able to acquire control of her master recordings and selected a new UK based label, H & H Music to act as her distributor. The result is a series of 2CD releases, a DVD called ‘My Story’ and an exciting new recording “Once Upon A Time.”

In recent times, Susan spends more time at home so she can watch her grandchildren Sinead, Emma, Josh, Laura and Tom grow up. But she still retains a huge passion for music which anyone who has heard her networked Country Radio show on Five FM which can also be enjoyed on the internet at www.fivefm.co.uk will testify to. Because though ‘Once Upon A Time’ Susan could never have dreamed of the success she has had, she has firmly established herself as one of the most travelled and popular performers to have ever emanated from the Emerald Isle.

Now in 2020 Susan launches her new release The Older I Get. The 30 track 2 CD release combines some sparkling new recordings  with rare and unavailable recordings from Susan’s back catalogue. Watch Susan’s videos Teach Your Children and The Older I Get on You Tube

Fans have frequently requested copies of Susan’s early videos and they are all included on a new 3DVD release :The Ultimate Collection

New Single Adalida On You Tube!