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Susan McCann - The Nashville Years. 2CD Set

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Susan McCann
The Nashville Years
HHCD 019

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Great value double album release contains 4 previously released Susan McCann LPs:


CD 1: In Nashville And Storybook Country

1. Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You 

2. Slipping Around Again

3. All Day Sucker

4. He’s Everything I Wanted You To Be

5. Someone Just Like You (Duet With Porter Wagoner)

6. Just Like You (I’m Looking For The Light) 

7. Little Girl Gone

8. The Dream

9. Life Turned Him That Way

10. She’s Out There Dancing Alone

11. Love Is Supposed To Be

12. Blue Kentucky Girl

13. Blue Jean Country Queen

14. The Last One To Touch Me (Duet With Porter Wagoner)

15. Even Cowgirls Get The Blues

16. Late Late Show

17. Heaven Help The Working Girl

18. Your Driving Me Out Of My Mind

19. I Don’t Blame My Papa

20. They’ll Never Ever Take His Love From Me 

21. Hands

22. Conscience Keep An Eye On Me Tonight 

23. It’s No Wonder I Feel Blue

24. I Want Your Loving Arms Around Me

CD 2: Sincerely Yours & Country Classics

1. Dirty Cheezy Jeans

2. When The Rain Disappears

3. I Feel Sorry For Anyone Who Isn’t Me Tonight 

4. Blue Ribbon Beer Drinking Song

5. Nothing Like A Rainy Night

6. The Hard Loved Lady & The Guitar Player 

7. Down To My Last Broken Heart

8. Marty Gray

9. Chuck The Chuck Wagon (Duet With Porter Wagoner)

10. They Won’t Let You Rock ‘N’ Roll No More At The Palomino 

11. Rainy Days & Stormy Nights

12. Wishful Drinking

13. When The New Wears Off Our Love

14. Thank God I’m A Country Girl

15. No One Will Ever Know

16. Radio Heart

17. Close All The Honky Tonks

18. Funny Face

19. I Couldn’t Care Less

20. Out Of Reach Of My Two Open Arms

21. Iney-Iney-It-Zi-Iney

22. It Only Hurts For A Little While

23. Sunday Morning Christian

24. There’s A Built-In Trouble Maker In Every Man

Susan McCann - The Nashville Years. 2CD Set