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.Steve Travis has roped in some local musicians to join his crew and record an album of shanties and other songs of the sea. He is fortunate enough to live on Mersea, the most eastern inhabited island in the British Isles, and is surrounded there by great music and fresh salty air. A bracing, refreshing and relaxing environment in which to record this album, quite different to when these songs were first heard.  Then Mersea island was inhabited by a blend of sailors and smugglers, who lived their tragedies and joys through many of these songs.
Steve’s excellent videos of two of the album tracks,  Blackwater Smuggler and The Old Nickleodeon Sound  can be viewed on You Tube. 

Steve Travis is recognised as being one of England's top country solo artists. His relaxed style has always found a home with traditional country music fans as well as appreciation from wider audiences. For some years Steve has been known as the "King Of Singalong" because of the success of his very popular singalong albums. There are currently three of these 2CD releases available on the H&H Music label.

Steve's choice of songs cover a wide range of styles, traditional and modern country songs, ballads, swing, and rock 'n' roll. Also songs that have stayed the course of time, standards, evergreens, classics, "the no sell by date songs" from some of the all time great singers.  Steve is also a talented songwriter in his own right and  has published two books: "As I Recall It", a book of short comical tales, and a book of poetry called "A Pirate's Kiss"