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'60 At Sixty' is Sean Wilson’s latest release. Since finding fame twenty nine years ago, the much-loved Irish music star has barely had time to catch his breath! This new release has 40 audio songs and 20 video songs.

However it took the likeable country and folk artist half a lifetime to become an overnight success. Sean was bought his first accordion when he was ten years old and as a youngster he joined his family’s band gaining experience at venues around his home in Northern Ireland.

But his big break came in 1989 with the release of an album of fifty songs played in the medley format, featuring just his heartfelt vocals and an accordion. The record captured the public’s imagination on both sides of the Irish sea and the rest as they say is history.

Although only available on cassette and seldom available in record stores sales exceeded a million copies. Ask any market trader who was lucky enough to be selling music in the early 1990s and he will tell you how “Sean Wilson paid his kids through University” and his loyal fan base continues to expand to this day.

Sean regularly plays gigs all over the UK and tours with musical collaborator Tony McIllvena have taken him as far afield as the USA and Australia and you can find out lots of info about Sean on his very own website www.seanwilson.info <http://www.seanwilson.info> .

Having now recorded  26 albums and ten videos, Sean recently signed a deal with a new London based record company H&H Music and through the label he is releasing the H & H Music “Sean Wilson Collection” which encompasses four DVDs and eight double albums.

So relax, pull up a chair and let Sean’s vocal warmth and beautiful accordion playing that provides an authentic taste of his homeland wash over you. Because few artists are capable of conjuring the evocative magic of his homeland quite like Sean.