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Sean Wilson & Susan McCann – Silver Anniversary 2CD

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Sean Wilson & Susan McCann – Silver Anniversary 2CD



 •  A re-release of Sean and Susan’s best selling 1990s albums, each with 50 Country&Irish songs. Individually they sold 100,000s of CDs and together they went gold with each of these albums

• Combining Sean and Susan’s most popular recordings in one great package packed with hits

•  7 bonus duets not originally included on the original releases

 50 Country & Irish Songs (Disc 1)


i) For Ever & Ever

ii) My Wild Irish Rose

iii) Goodnight Irene

iv) Wild Rover

vi) Far Away In Australia


i) Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool

ii) Tears On My Pillow

iii) Lipstick On Your Collar

iv) Who’s Sorry Now?

v) Que Sera Sera


i) Where The Grass Grows The Greenest

ii) Gypsy Woman

iii) Love Me Tonight

iv) Rambling Fever

v) Jesus Take A Hold


i) Whisky In The Jar

ii) Goodbye Mick And Goodbye Pat

iii) The Golden Jubilee

iv) Good Old Mountain Dew

5.SUSAN Little Ole Wine Drinkin’ Me



i) What I’ve Got In Mind

ii) Stand By Your Man

iii) Send Me The Pillow You Dream On

iv) Rose Garden

v) Take These Chains From My Heart

vi) Your Good Girl’s Gonna Go Bad

viii) Your Cheatin’ Heart

ix)Me & Bobby McGee


i) The Blackthorn Stick

ii) Rosin The Bow

iii) Paddy’s Return

8.SEAN Old Ireland Is The Only Place For Me

9.SUSAN Irish Eyes

10.SEAN Home in Tyrone

11.SUSAN A Mother’s Love Is A Blessing

12.SEAN Shores Of Lough Neagh

13.SUSAN Someone Is Looking For Someone Like You


i) My Bonnie Lies Over The Ocean

ii) Home on The Range

iii) Que Sera Sera


i) Forty Shades Of Green

ii) Galway Bay

iii) Banks Of My Own Lovely Lee

iv) Fields Of Athenry

v) Mountains Of Mourne

vi) When Irish Eyes Are Smiling

vii) Isle Of Innisfree

viii) Rare Ould Times

ix) Green Green Of Antrim

x) Rose Of Tralee

16 - 18 SEAN & SUSAN Bonus Tracks

16. i) Those Were The Days

ii) A World Of Our Own

iii) Tears On My Pillow

iv) Last Thing On My Mind

v) I’ll Never Find Another You

17. Send A Message (To My Heart)

18. Rose Of Allendale

50  more Country & Irish Songs (Disc 2)


i) Everybody’s Somebody’s Fool

ii) Jambalaya

iii) Country Roads

iv) I’ll Fly Away

v)  I Saw The Light


i) Things

ii) Here Comes Summer

iii) This Old House

iv) It Might As Well Rain Until September

v) Wooden Heart


i) Our House Is A Home

ii) Pretty Girl From Omagh

iii) The Gypsy

iv) The Ferryman

v) Ferry Reel


i) Blanket On The Ground

ii) Ring Of Fire

iii) 57 Chevrolet

iv) Sea Of Heartbreak

v) Snowbird

5.SUSAN Summer Of My Dreams

6.SEAN & SUSAN Duet  Storybook Children

7.SEAN Love Without End


i) My Lovely Rose Of Clare

ii) Galway Shawl

iii) Destination Donegal

iv) The Old Bog Road

v) My Wild Irish Rose

9.SUSAN Daddy’s Hands

10.SUSAN A Woman’s Heart

11.SEAN Letter Edged In Black


i) Have You Ever Been Lonely

ii) Love Letters In The Sand

iii) Release Me

iv) Silver Haired Daddy

v) Jealous Heart


i) Sometimes When We Touch

ii) Can’t Help Falling In Love

iii) Always On My Mind

iv) The Power Of Love

v) I Will Always Love You



i) Song Sung Blue

ii) Roses Are Red

iii) Island Of Dreams

iv) Sweet Caroline

v) Everything Is Beautiful

vi) Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

15. Candy Store

16. Bring Me Sunshine

Sean Wilson & Susan McCann – Silver Anniversary 2CD