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Sean Wilson - A Road That Never Ends. 2CD Set

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Sean Wilson
A Road That Never Ends
HHCD 012

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CD1   16 Songs From Home

1. A Road That Never Ends

2. It Takes An Irish Man To Sing An Irish Song

3. The Tears Of An Exile

4. The Passing Of Time

5. The Preacher

6. Lucky Stars

7. Tender Smile Once More (Correct Title?)

8. My Coleen Malone

9. Lough Ree

10. Excuse Me I Think I’ve Got A Heartache

11. Sonny’s Dream

12. Send A Message To My Heart (Duet With Susan Mccann)

13. Auld Lammas Fair

14. Fiddler’s Green

15. On The Wall

16. Back On My Mind


CD 2   50 Singalongs

1. Home To County Down

2. Shores Of Our Home

3. Little Thatched Cottage By The Sea

4. That Little Island Over There Will Always Be Home

5. My County Mayo Home

Selection Two

6. The Boys From Killybegs

7. Tell Me Ma

8. Donegal Dann

9. Las Vegas In The Hills Of Donegal

10. Galway Girl

Selection Three

11. The Moon Behind The Hill

12. The Cheer Of The Home Fire

13. We’re Going Out The Same Way We Came In

14. I’m Dreaming Of You

15. Colfada Where I Went To School

Selection Four (Duet With Susan Mccann)

16. Song Sung Blue

17. Roses Are Red

18. Island Of Dreams

19. Sweet Caroline

20. Everything Is Beautiful

21. Raindrops Keep Falling On My Head

Selection Five

22. I’d Like To Teach The World To Sing

23. Hello Summertime

24. Morningtown Ride

25. Island Of Dreams

26. Selection Six

27. Take Me Home Johnny

28. Waltzing With My Angel Tonight

29. My Wedding Song

30. My Darling Kathleen

31. Anna From Fermanagh

32. Selection Seven (DUet With Susan Mccann)

33. Those Were The Days

34. A World Of Our Own

35. Tears On My Pillow

36. Last Thing On My Mind

37. I’ll Never Find Another You

38. Those Were The Days

Selection Eight

39. Back In ‘68

40. You’re Breaking My Heart

41. Antrim Hills

42. Barley Hill

43. Donegal We’re Coming Home

Selection Nine

44. Northern Lights Of Old Aberdeen

45. I Belong To Glasgow

46. Will Ye Go Lassie Go

47. Road To Dundee

48. Flower Of Scotland

Selection Ten

49. THe Wind In The Willows

50. It’s Our Anniversary

51. Deportees

52. Come By The Hills

Sean Wilson - A Road That Never Ends. 2CD Set