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Philomena Begley - Once Around The Dance Floor. 2CD Set

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Philomena Begley
Once Around The Dance Floor
HHCD 232

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CD One

01. The Song From Way Back Then

02. Honky Tonkin’

03. Ease The Fever

04. Blanket On The Ground

05. Love Was Once Around The Dance Floor

06. Jose Cuervo

07. I’m Gonna Be Your Woman Tonight

08. False Eyelashes

09. Irish Eyes

10. Buck Dance

11. The Big Wheel Cannonball

12. Galway Bay

13. Little Grey Home In The West

14. Carolina Moon

15. Take Me Along

16. The Gambler

17. Memories Are Made Of This

18. I Just Wanna Be A Country Girl

19. Truck Drivin’ Woman

20. Flower Of Scotland


CD Two

01. I Wonder Where I’ll Find You At Tonight

02. One Night Of Cheating

03. A Fool Like Me

04. Every Second

05. If I Had The Right

06. Dancing Your Memory Away

07. Jeannie’s Afraid Of The Dark (Duet With Ray Lynam)

08. My Elusive Dreams

09. Sweet Baby Jane

10. Cherro Moana Marie (Vocal: Liam Gibson)

11. Wildwood Flower (Instrumental Dan O’Hara, Tom Quinn)

12. What’s Your Mama’s Name

13. Laugh With Me (Vocal: Kevin Farrelly)

14. Today, Tomorrow And Forever

15. Cinco De Mayo (Instrumental: Ramblin Man)

16. Daddy Dumplin’

17. A Walking Piece Of Heaven

18. Their Goes My Heart Again (Vocal: Colin Kley)

19. Hello Mary Lou (Vocal: Kevin McGinnity)

20. Truck Driving Sweetheart

Philomena Begley - Once Around The Dance Floor. 2CD Set