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PHILOMENA BEGLEY - My Life, My Music, My Memories 2CD

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My Life, My Music, My Memories is a two disc release that combines 16 of Philomenaís most popular songs with 16 rare and unreleased recordings 

My Life, My Music, My Memories is not only the title of this release and her recently published autobiography but also a song written for her by the talented singer-songwriter Derek Ryan

Disc 1 features Philomenasís story in 16 songs, starting with the title song and then tracking the chapter titles in the autobiography. Disc 2 features 16 hidden gems that came to light while researching the autobiography. All these remastered tracks sound as fresh today as when they were first recorded

CD 1
1    My Life, My Music, My Memories
2    Route 65 to Nashville    
3    A Village In County Tyrone    
4    Old Ardboe    
5    Come, Me Little Son (Single version)    
6    Once Around The Dance Floor    
7    Wildwood Flower    
8    She Sang The Melody    
9    Tribute to Billie Jo    
10    All The Road Running    
11    Queen Of The Silver Dollar      
12    Your Health Is Your Wealth    
13    I Ain't Over The Hill    
14    Blanket On The Ground    
15    The Way Old Friends Do      
16    Gold & Silver Days    
1    I Apologise    
2    Seeing Her With You      
3    Charley's Picture    
4    Making Love To You Is Like Eating Peanuts    
5    Hillbilly Girl With The Blues    
6    Another Chance    
7    Standing In Line    
8    My Tears Will Tell My Heart    
9    Daddy And Home    
10    If My Heart Had Windows    
11    Life Is Not Always A Rainbow    
12    I'll Be Faithful To You    
13    God I Love You      
14    Come, Me Little Son (Alternate version)    
15    Heartaches For A Dime    
16    The Box It Came In

PHILOMENA BEGLEY - My Life, My Music, My Memories 2CD