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Philomena Begley - I'll Only Give This Up When It Gives Me Up Special Edition

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Philomena Begley
I'll Only Give This Up When It Gives Me Up
Special Edition CD & DVD
HHCD 315

Philomena Begley started her singing career in 1963. Through the succeeding forty-five years she has been at the forefront of the Irish Country Music scene. “I’ll Give This Up When It Gives Me Up” celebrates both her past career and her continuing success. Here is a new album plus a bonus DVD, hosted by Philomena herself. Included in the new album are hard driving, hand-clappin’ country songs tempered with sentimental ballads. The sadness of broken romances, perhaps broken marriages, is reflected in the tear-jerking The Last Supper. Included are three timeless songs written by Isla Grant: Listen To The Children,  Life’s Storybook Cover  and the poignant  It’s Been A Long Time. This song’s lyrics epitomise the sadness that emigrants feel in a strange lands. While it will strike a chord with Irish people and their descendents abroad, as so many emigrated from the Emerald Isle in the past, it is also a song that will be relevant for many emigrants from other lands who are scattered around the four corners of the world today.

Philomena is a veteran of the music scene but there is a newness and a freshness about her vocalising that typifies the enthusiasm Philomena still feels for her favourite music. Certainly  Mama Knows The Highway, to quote the title of one of the tracks here.  She belts out Country Rockers such as  I Guess To Pieces, Driving and  Blue Jean Country Queen.

A Country song often reflects the sad side, as well as the wild side of life, and both sides are well represented on this album. Fans of Philomena who may have some, or all, of her double albums will be pleasantly surprised with the mix of this new selection . During 45 years as Ireland’s Country Queen, Philomena has seen many stars come and go, and in the previously released bonus track Family Tree, she reflects on losing people along life’s road.

And for people who want to know more about Philomena we have included a DVD film about her life. Philomena  tells the story of  a girl growing up in County Tyrone who started out singing in the Old Cross Ceili Band.  She takes the viewer through her life, performing in the hallowed halls of Music City USA, Nashville, Tennessee as well as across  UK, Ireland and Europe. The DVD features extracts from many of her most famous appearances as well as a very personal view of growing up in 1950s Ulster.

The singing style of Philomena Begley has endeared her to fans all around the world and she richly deserves her title of Irish Country Queen.


Philomena Begley - I'll Only Give This Up When It Gives Me Up Special Edition