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Forever Opera

Our Price: £39.95
Experience Forever Opera and enjoy the power and passion of the 16 greatest operas of all time in this unique 16 CD set. Carmen, Tosca, Aida, Magic Flute, Madam Butterfly, La Boheme and many more
The Operas are performed by world renowned singers like Maria Callas, Luciano Pavarotti, Guiseppe Di Stefano, Renata Tebaldi and Tito Gobbi. The orchestras include the Viena Philarmonic, The London Symphony Orchestra and the Orchestras of La Scala Milan and the New York Metropolitan Opera.
These digitally remastered recordings will give you years of listening pleasure
When you order “Forever Opera” you’ll also receive “101 Opera Greats”.
This additional  5-CD features 101 highlights from other Operas including many familiar arias. Did you ever wonder where the music from The Lone Ranger, Apocalypse Now, Diva,  Room With A View or The British Airways  Advert came from? The original music is all here to enjoy..
A  total of  24 hours of Opera on 21 CDs, all for the great offer price of only £39.95 -that’s a DAY and a NIGHT at the opera, all for less than £2.00 a CD!
This great  collection is not available in shops and come in these beautiful presentation packs with a 16-page guide.
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Only £39.95 for 21 CDs including UK postage and packing 
FOREVER OPERA & 101 OPERA GREATS - 21 CDs - 90 sec TV advert
Forever Opera