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Aidan Quinn Home Away From Home - CD

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Aidan combines a combination of new songs, duets and some previously recorded Irish and country classics that combine to make a great album, from beginning to end. Also attracting great attention on You Tube are the videos “Mother Ireland” and "All The Road Running"

1.Friend Of Mine (Hanson / Schwartz)

2.Life Of A Poor Boy (McCarty)

3.What Have You Got Planned Tonight Diana (Haggard)

4.Tallulah (The Murphys)

5.Josie’s Country Tavern (Gallagher)

6.Irish Country Medley

i)Dim Lights, Thick Smoke (& Loud Loud Music) (Maphis/Maphis/Fidler)

ii)Sunny Side Of The Mountain (Gregory / McAuliffe)

iii)If It’s Lonesome At Your Table(Skinner)

iv)Gypsy Joe & Me (Parton)

v)Mr.Jones (Downing)

vi)Water For My Horses (Axton)

vii)It Takes People Like You (Owens)

7.Home Away From Home (Keane)

8.Grace (O’Meara and O’Meara)

9.Why Me Lord (Kristofferson)

10.Hard Times (Foster)

11.Circus That You Call The Rodeo (Holmes, Huffman,Raven)

12.May The Wind Be Always At Your Back (Howard)

13.Lovely Leitrim (Philip Fitzpatrick)

14.Good Hearted Woman (Jennings,Nelson)

15.Flying Home to Aherlow (McCarthy)

16. The Last Thing On My Mind (Duet with Philomena Begley)(Paxton)

Aidan Quinn Home Away From Home - CD