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This exclusive H&H release, “BING CROSBY & ROSEMARY CLOONEY: THE NEW RECORDINGS,” features something no other release this year does: 28 NEW (2013) overdubs of very rare Bing and Rosey solos and duets, updating their sound with digital remastering and compelling new musical accompaniment. Some of the top musicians, orchestrators and engineers in the music business today have applied their talents to bring these old recordings to life, and done so with utmost respect for the artistic integrity of the originals.
 The vast majority of Crosby/Clooney fans around the world have never even heard the dry (mono) originals, scattered across some obscure and out-of-print CDs or old-time radio websites. 

In some cases, the producer of the new CD has added whole new musical arrangements to transform the plaintive originals (all of which were done in a recording studio but most of them only for radio broadcast), into elaborate new orchestrations.  Full string sections, brass, woodwinds, guitars and harp have been added to enhance and give them a more “complete” feel. In other cases, today's musicians played note for note on top of the original accompaniment, only in stereo! These truly are NEW RECORDINGS with a plush sound that sparkles with a new luster and an ELEGANT richness.

These tracks come from a period in the mid-1950s and early ’60s when both Bing and Rosey were in peak vocal form. Crosby's sonorous baritone is applied with the greatest of ease to some very melodic tunes. And those who aren’t familiar with Ms. Clooney's vocal abilities will be blown away!

1. You're Just In Love (Duet)
2. With All My Heart (Bing)
3. Half As Much (Rosemary)
4. Just Around the Corner (Bing)
5. No Letter Today (Rosemary)
6. Isn't This A Lovely Day (Duet)
7. Our Love Affair (Rosemary)
8. Only Forever (Duet)
9. Serenade In the Night (Bing)
10. Sway (Rosemary)
11. Yours (Bing)
12. Thrill Me (Rosemary)
13. Something To Remember You By (Duet)
14. My Funny Valentine (Bing)
15. I'll Be Around (Rosemary)
16. September Medley (Duet)
17. Summertime (Duet)
18. Ebb Tide (Rosemary)
19. Arrivederci Roma (Bing)
20. Man (Uh-Huh) and Woman (Uh-Huh) (Duet)
21. *Oh Baby Mine) I Get So Lonely (Bing)
22. Memories Of You (Rosemary)
23. My Own True Love (Tara's Theme) (Bing)
24. Lonely Am I (Rosemary)
25. Goodnight, Sweet Dreams, Mary Lou (Bing)
26. Brahms’ Lullaby (Rosemary)
27. Count Your Blessings (Bing)
28. What A Friend We Have In Jesus (Bing)